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come the morning and the day winding like dreams

Welcome, visitor, to Swan Song, a silly little tribute dedicated to Luke fon Fabre and Tear Grants of Namco's Tales of the Abyss. Because while they're each fantastic characters on their own, it's really the relationship they share that defines them. So here at this site you'll find information on their relationship and also their individual stories, and some of my opinions on both. I hope you enjoy. ♥
last update: 6.14.13 ; part of the last fencer network ; listed at: in the fade · emotion · amassment
A few notes: this site contains massive spoilers! The content probably makes more sense to those who have played the game. And please take note that this site was designed for Firefox. Lastly, if you're looking for the Luke and Tear fanlisting, head over here. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

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