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catcher in the light

if you only look you will never find it, it will never be yours

Luke fon Fabre, appears to be 17, a replica of the son of the Kimlascan nobles Duke and Lady Fabre, third in line to the throne
Engaged to Princess Natalia of Kimalasca-Lanvaldear (doesn't quite work out)
His name means "light of the sacred flame" in ancient Ispanian
The real Luke was kidnapped at the age of seven and replicated by his mentor, Van Grants, in order to go against the world's Score
Chosen to be replicated due to being mentioned in the Score as "one of the royal family with red hair who inherits Lorelei's power will lead the Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear to prosperity."
The kidnapping was blamed on Malkuth, and "Luke" returned with no memories of his past
The original Luke joined the Oracle Knights, becoming the God General Asch the Bloody
Resented by Asch for stealing his family and home and seen as an inferior copy

it's a long way down

now the notes are fading and everything is turned around

When Luke is first introduced, he's arrogant, whiny, and spoiled as heck. He practically worships the ground "Master Van" walks on, and his teacher's words are often the only things he listens to. But even though Luke comes off as a massive jackass, there's a tragic aspect underneath his character that explains his spoiled nature, to some degree. For seven years after his "kidnapping," Luke struggled to learn the names of his family, to learn to walk, and to remember everything he had "forgotten." Mysterious headaches plague him on occasion, later revealed to be Lorelei's attempts at communication. He was forced to stay within in the confines of his manor, never learning how to conduct himself out in the real world. There's also the issue of Van; we see that he made Luke trust him and only him, therefore making Luke much easier to manipulate.

Anyway, when Luke and Tear are spirited away to Malkuth via hyperresonance, Luke is in for a shock. For example, he takes an apple from a vendor without paying, surprising Tear until she realizes that Luke really had no idea how the outside world worked. Luke’s outlook on his adventure into the world outside the manor is a mixture of curiosity and annoyance. But mostly annoyance. During this time, we also get a glimpse into the extent of Luke’s naïveté. When he kills an Oracle Knight aboard the Tartarus, he's reduced to a catatonic state after realizing he took a human life. It takes him some time to get used to killing people instead of monsters, which also reveals a kinder side to Luke. He occasionally shows concern for Fon Master Ion, who is sickly and weak, and even Tear when she shields Luke from an attack, injuring herself in the process.

However, Luke's brash and stubborn nature overrides whatever kindness he may have possessed when he destroys the town of Akzeriuth at Van's command. In that instant, everything comes crashing down: Akzeriuth and its doomed citizens, any evidence of faith that Luke's companions had in him, and everything that Luke had ever known. Van reveals that Luke is a replica, and that he was simply a pawn used to destroy the Sephiroth that held Akzeriuth above the Qliphoth. Luke is distraught and quick to deny any responsibility. His companions are angry and disappointed in his reaction. Upon arriving in Yulia City, Luke fights his original, Asch. The fight leaves Luke unconscious, and he remains in the city with Tear as his companions return to the surface with Asch. Once he wakes up, Luke comes to the conclusion that he has to change, even if he can't change what he's done. Borrowing a knife from Tear, he cuts his hair and asks her to watch him change. She agrees.

Back on the surface, Luke reunites with his apprehensive companions and continues his journey, now bent on stopping Van from replacing the world with replicas. The post-Akzeriuth Luke works hard to regain their trust; he is more gracious and respectful and works hard to aid those in need, especially his companions. It takes some time, but they slowly begin to accept Luke’s resolve. Luke's struggle to change is also accompanied by an even bigger struggle: coming to terms with his right to be alive. He sees himself as a replacement, someone who was never meant to exist, despite the protests of his friends. But as the story progresses, Luke begins to understand the "meaning of birth" and the right of all beings, replicas or not, to live; one doesn't need to be born for any particular reason: everyone has a place. Yet this gradual understanding comes hand in hand with the revelation that Luke, as a replica, is slowly disappearing.

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