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Mysterica Aura Fende, a.k.a. Tear Grants, age 16, Melodist and Oracle Knight
Descendant of the prophet Yulia Jue, who left the world the Score
Fights with small knives and Yulia's Fonic Hymns, proof of the prophet’s pact with Lorelei: the embodiment of the Seventh Fonon, the fonon of sound
Possesses healing artes as a Seventh Fonist
Born in the Qliphoth after the isle of Hod was destroyed, though her mother died soon after
Adopted with her brother, Van, by the mayor of the secret Yulia City, home to the "Watchers" of the Score
Her brother became Dorian General of the Oracle Knights, yet hated the Score
Trained in combat by the God General Legretta the Quick
Sent on a mission by Grand Maestro Mohs to stop Van from destroying the Score, only to cause an accidental hyperresonance with Luke, sending them halfway across the world

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i'll be the one, be the one, be the one with my heart in my lap

Tear likes to present herself as a calm, collected, level-headed individual, which sometimes makes her come off as cold and uncaring. She generally takes a logical and practical approach to things, a stark contrast to Luke, much to the relief of her travelling companions, especially Jade, a fellow solider who shares her level-headed approach. Trained as a soldier, she tries to focus on the mission at hand and doesn't hesitate to take lives if deemed necessary. Someone like Luke, who is initially apprehensive of killing people, seems to get on her nerves for their lack of resolve. Despite being a healer due to her powers as a Seventh Fonist, Tear also wields small knives and has a number of destructive spells at her disposal. Tear rarely expresses her true feelings, most likely because she doesn’t want to appear weak to her companions. Even when her body becomes contaminated with miasma, she refuses to let anyone know she’s suffering and continues the mission to lower the crust despite the danger. She stands firm even when she has to fight her brother, who she cares deeply about despite his ideology. Her resolve often causes her friends to worry if she's pushing herself too hard.

There's also a softer side to Tear and a certain tenderness in her actions which she tries hard not to show. She has a lot of compassion for the friends she makes during the journey, especially the frail Fon Master Ion and, of course, the very clueless Luke, who she comes to pity after learning about his memory loss. Even when she's scolding someone there’s always an undertone of caring that makes it clear that her harsh words are only meant to help. Tear also has a weakness for cute things, such as Mieu or stuffed rappig dolls, and she seems mortified when Anise notices it (leading to some hilarious blackmail involving lemon chiffon cake). But Tear's composure begins to break more frequently as the game progresses. Which doesn't really come as a surprise, seeing as her brother is threatening to destroy the world as she knows it, she is forced to fight her teacher Legretta, and Luke may very well disappear or sacrifice himself for the sake of saving the world. I'd say that's some heavy stuff to deal with, even for a soldier.

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