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nightingale, sing us a song

voices that are spinning 'round me, trying to tell me what to say

To put it simply, when Luke and Tear first become acquainted after suddenly being whisked halfway across the world, they donít get along. Luke's brash and rude personality clashes with Tear's calm and mature one. Plus they've suddenly arrived in a monster-filled valley in the middle of the night, making things even more difficult. Feeling guilty for transporting Luke away from the manor, Tear tries to be helpful and apologetic, instructing Luke on how to fight monsters and even offering up a pedant from her deceased mother as payment for a coach ride into town. But Luke doesn't pay much attention to Tear's kindness, never thanking her for her combat assistance or even giving up her pendant to get him home. He thinks she's cold and bossy, and doesn't trust her for trying to kill Van. Luke has a one-track mind: get back to the manor and find Master Van. Luke's obstinate nature leads to Tear finding him selfish and immature and she scolds him accordingly.

But as their journey progresses, Tear begins to feel sympathy for Luke as more of the consequences of his kidnapping are revealed. She tries to look beneath the surface, seeing Luke more as a victim and his behavior as a result of that and his subsequent confinement to his manor. Luke does show some hints of gratefulness towards Tear, such as the moment when she dives in front of him as a soldier attacks. Itís clear that there's some mutual concern between them, yet Tear is the one who acts on it openly; Luke is much too self-absorbed.

But Luke's behavior only gets more obnoxious after his return to Baticul, leading up to the fall of Akzeriuth. Any sympathy that Tear had for him seems to virtually disappear. After the incident, Luke lies unconscious while his companions return to the surface, minus Tear, who decides to stay in her hometown. She's the one who's there when Luke wakes up, and so becomes the one to witness Luke's promise to change. In the field of selenia flowers connected to her room, Luke resolves to stop blindly following others, to take responsibility for his actions, and to leave behind the person he was. With Tear's knife he cuts his hair, and asks her to watch him as he tries to change. She agrees, and they return to the Outer Lands together.

From that moment on, the relationship between Luke and Tear evolves greatly. She's still quick to scold him, and while he's still quick to look before he leaps, Luke begins to appreciate her help and thank her for it; he realizes that her harsh words are a form of support. While Luke begins to struggle with the issue of his "birth," Tear is quick to assure him that he has his own life and his own experiences; he is not a replacement. As fight against Van continues, Tear begins to have personal struggles of his own. Her body is becoming infected with miasma, and a doctor reveals that she will die as a result, yet she never reveals just how much the ailment hurts her. Luke is constantly concerned with her health as she begins to faint while activating the passage rings, always asking her not to push herself too hard. It eventually comes clear that Tear has some definite feelings for Luke that go beyond friendship, evidenced by her blushing when Luke embraces her out of joy, or when the others tease the two about the nature of their relationship. Luke shows his care for her in an optional sidequest in which he purchases her pendant back from a merchant for a large amount of Gald.

we will always be the light

on the shoreline time will hold its promise

Tear's sickness is healed when Ion dies and absorbs the miasma into his own body. But after Tear's recovery, Luke's situation gets worse. He decides to use hyperresonance in order to neutralize the miasma that plagues that world, an act that would cost him his life. Tear says she let Luke make that choice, but she will never forgive him. At the top of the Tower of Rem, Luke prepares to unleash the hyperresonance. Itís at that moment when Tear loses her cool and yells at Luke to stop, while Guy has to restrain her. Itís the first time we see Tear break down and display emotion in such an extreme manner, and it's all caused by her feelings for Luke.

Luke survives as the replicas sacrifice themselves in his place, but things aren't resolved after that. He learns that, as a perfect isofon, he is gradually disappearing. In Belkend, the doctor tells him that his fonons are separating. Luke ends up revealing the truth to only Jade, yet Mieu overhears and tells Tear. She later confronts Luke, revealing her that she is upset by both Luke's fate and also the fact that he kept a secret from her. Luke promises not to keep any more secrets from Tear in the future.

The night before the final battle with Van, Tear and Luke have a moment alone together on top of the Albiore. Luke expresses his worry over disappearing, but Tear says he'll keep on living, and she'll be able to keep her promise to watch him change. Luke tells her that "this is probably the happiest moment of my life." In his diary, he remarks how beautiful Tear looked that night. The next day, the party defeats Van as Tear stops him with the Grand Fonic Hymn, something she remembered he sang to her as a child. As Van dies, Luke stays behind to release Lorelei from Van's body. One by one, his friends tell him he has to come back, all revealing that they knew he was disappearing. Tear is the last one to speak, pleading that Luke has to return. She says she'll always be waiting, and Luke promises to come home. As Tear walks away, she quietly says "Luke... I love you."

The game concludes with an ambiguous final scene. Months after the final battle, Luke's companions return to Tataroo Valley on the night which would have marked his coming-of-age ceremony, instead of mourning at his grave. After Tear sings the Grand Fonic hymn in tribute to the fallen hero, a mysterious red-haired figure appears in the valley. Tear asks what he's doing there, and he replies, "this place has a nice view of Hod. And also, I promised someone." Tear begins to cry, and approaches the figure. It's never made clear exactly who this man is; as perfect isofons, either Asch or Luke could have survived, or even a combination of the two. Yet, the figure addresses Tear specifically and references a promise to someone, likely the promise Luke made to come back.

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